Building a UX Career with Impact

August 27, 2020

How does one start out in UX? How would they know what to specialize in? And how can they be as impactful as possible? Get advice from experienced professionals in the field of UX!

Developh accelerates technology and experiences for social good. In our work, we see technology as a bridge and tool, not the end means. We use it to make innovation more accessible to the youth.

In partnership with UX Philippines, we’re excited to learn how beginners can get involved in the field of UX, and plan their career to be high-impact.

In the Panel, we’ll center around 4 different professionals in UX, with varying specializations in research, design, and product management. We will also discuss how career development intersects with ethics and accessibility. The Panel will follow with a Q&A.

August 27, Thursday · 8:30PM PHT / GMT+8

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