Recap: UXPH Roadshow 2019, Cebu

August 31, 2019

On August 31, 2019, UXPH (User Experience Philippines) held its first ever National Roadshow across the Philippines, starting in Cebu City.

The Roadshow events are structured with keynote speakers in the morning followed by various workshops for UX methodologies in the afternoon. UXPH partnered with CebUXD, the local design organization in Cebu comprised of a diverse group of design enthusiasts and practitioners. They helped connect the Cebuanos who wanted to learn more about different UX topics and participate in workshops facilitated by different professionals.

The Morning Talks

Keynote 1: All about UX design deliverables

The day started with a talk from Mica Diaz de Rivera, Head of Operations at Make Technology Inc. on Demystifying UX Design Deliverables. He shared that, according to a study from Nielsen Norman Group (NNGroup), the top 3 UX deliverables are prototypes, usability reports, and customer journey maps. He then connected these three deliverables with the 3 workshops that would happen in the afternoon session of the roadshow.

Keynote 2: Building UX design teams within organizations

The next speaker, Fish Ibasco, Experience Design Lead at Accenture Philippines, then talked about how to jumpstart UX in organizations, and retold stories on how she landed her job at Accenture. She explained how she looked for members for her new UX design team, and related the experience to Game of Thrones. She considered herself as Sansa Stark, the “innocent designer”.

Fish gave tips on how to plan for a minimum viable design team in companies and organizations, where one should consider the UX maturity within the organization, what the demands of the projects are, any skill gaps that need to be addressed, and the maturity of the UX community as well. She also reminded everyone that these should eventually scale depending on the growth of the team and the company.

Keynote 3: Designing at Home Credit

Oliver Bayani from Home Credit Philippines, our co-presenter for the 2019 UXPH Roadshow, then took the stage and shares how design is done at his company. He discusses how design culture emerges as it comes out naturally within the different interactions with your teammates within your company.

Keynote 4: Design and team culture in the context of behavioral science

Our last speaker, Dae Lee, Culture Designer at Fourth Wall Global, ends the morning session by sharing his knowledge on behavioral science and how context is very important when doing things to influence or change the design and team culture within your company.

Dae shared how motivation, ability, and triggers can change or influence behavior, and related these to different UX methods that are being used by many designers today.

He also reminds everyone that they shouldn’t try to change people, and instead know and understand the context behind them and form the environment where they’ll be the ones to choose to change for themselves.

The Workshop Tracks

The afternoon session had participants break up into three different workshops: Figma 101, Creating actionable customer journey maps, and Applying usability testing principles in the workplace.

Workshop 1: Figma 101

Members of CebUXD held closed-door workshops with smaller groups and taught them all about the basics of using Figma, one of the collaborative design tools of choice in the design industry. The participants learned all about the intricacies of the tool and how to create quick but effective prototypes within the software.

Workshop 2: Creating actionable customer journey maps

Raine Liao, a UX designer from Home Credit Philippines, taught participants how to create actionable customer journey maps that they may apply and use within their teams. The workshop was a mix of a lecture on what customer journey maps are, and a hands-on practical application of journey mapping through the use of a board game.

Workshop 3: Applying usability testing principles in the workplace

Anj Garong, a Product Design Manager at Sprout Solutions, discussed the basics of usability testing and facilitated an interactive lecture and hands-on activities for participants to get a knack on conducting usability testing sessions. She also shared some tips and best practices on how to apply the usability testing principles at work, so they can share the culture within their companies as well.

Wrapping up the event

The day was very packed for all of our attendees. We received fantastic feedback from all of our participants, and our event was featured in the local news channel, the SunStar!

UXPH wanted to make sure we gave a big impression on the local Cebu community. On top of the information-rich program, each conference attendee received a UXPH Roadshow T-Shirt, limited edition UXPH Roadshow stickers, and prizes and giveaways from our generous sponsors.

As a bonus, volunteers from CebUXD put together a Same Day Edit video of the event!

What’s next?

Our 2nd stop is Davao City on September 28, 2019! We’ve paired up with the local design group, UXDVO, to bring you another full day conference packed with speakers and workshops in Ateneo de Davao university.

For more details, you can visit our website:

Get tickets via Eventbrite:

Our 3rd and final stop for the year is in our homebase, Manila, on October 26th, 2019. Please stay tuned for details!

Thank you to our sponsors

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the companies and groups who sponsored the 2019 UXPH Roadshow, helping us turn it into a huge success.

If your company is interested in supporting UXPH and our national effort of connecting the design communities across The Philippines for a more mature, design-driven country, please get in touch with us at

Our Co-presenter

Gold Sponsors

Silver sponsors

Canva and StyleGenie Asia

Bronze sponsors

Symph, UNISOL, Art n’ Nature, Insular Life, Grafik 9, and Abstract Digital Inc.

Our Community Partners

CebuUXD, UX Davao, TechShake, Cebu Design Week, and Philippine Web Designers Organization

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