The objective of the UXPH Research team is to leverage existing industry-academe connection in gaining better understanding of the UX landscape in the PH Context. This can be a potential income-generating activity and a training ground for those who want to engage in research.

Specifically, UXPH Research team shall:

🐱‍👤 Meet the Team

Think Tank Team

Jordan Aiko Deja

Director for Research

Rie Lindy Hernandez

Research Co-Lead

Beverly Bravo

Pierce Jason Jonota

Katarina Rosario

UXPH RSA (Research Support Arm)

Camille Yabut

Janna Aika Deja

Jannah Sandico

Jeanette Rabacio

Lee Fernandez

UXPH Advisory Team

Aldrich Tan

Chelle Obligacion-Grey

Ely Apao

Jennifer Teves, PhD

UXPH Research Alumni

Charlotte Mae Efren

Claudine San Diego

Janyl Tamayo

Tyrone Justin Sta. Maria