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State of UX in The Philippines Report


The UX landscape in the Philippines is still in its nascent stages, but the need is growing more apparent and comprehensive each year. Since more than a decade ago, technological innovations and cultural paradigms have called for a deeper understanding and implementation of UX practices globally. There have been many reports that attempt to understand its current state and imagine future trends. However, have been mostly done on a global or regional context.

How does the Philippines' culturally-diverse environment nurture a specific breed of designers, researchers, and leaders?

In this mixed-method study to understand the UX landscape in the Philippines, we are first conducting the State of UX in the Philippines Survey that follow industry standards through stratified sampling.

Second, we will conduct in-depth interviews to draw qualitative insights about Filipino UX practitioners' experiences, attitudes, and beliefs.

Lastly, we will scrape online data from over a decade to analyze and draw out extra insights at a historical perspective while applying a data-driven approach to understand trends at the local context.

The targeted release of the report is in February 2021 .

We hope the output of this research will reveal interesting insights that can help guide various stakeholders in crafting the local UX professional roadmap for the next decade.